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Publication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Seeking Comfort From Beyond

It’s not something Jim Fargiano is exactly comfortable talking about. Not that he’s hiding anything either. But, looking back on the career and life switch, it seems a bit incredible.

Once, he was the owner of the East Quogue Stationery Store. Then, he slowly began to have visions he couldn’t explain. He reached out to people who moved in spiritual circles, and they offered explanations he didn’t understand. Mr. Fargiano decided to go with flow and find out more.

Meanwhile, office supply superstores opened in Riverhead, and his business began to wither. Contact from the spirit world seem to intensify. The spirits had things to say. And now, people wanted to know what they were, wanted to hear the messages that flowed through Mr. Fargiano.

A weekly group “prayer meeting” formed and outgrew the space. Soon, an area church made a non-denominational meeting space available for the gatherings. There, in an environment of open minds and desiring hearts, people come to listen—to hear, through Mr. Fargiano, what they believe are messages from loved ones who have died.

These messages formed some of the new book “The Spoken Words of Spirit: Lessons from The Other Side.” The book, which was released on March 6, is a popular sell on and has sold out twice, Mr. Fargiano said. What that means in terms of book sales can’t be known until next month, when his author statement is issued.

So far, Mr. Fargiano said the experience of discovering that he is a conduit for the spirits of the dead and a medium for living people has been an unusual one. Consistent with his go-with-the-flow attitude, the more he looked into what was happening to him, the stronger the connection became with a world we cannot see.

“I didn’t ask for this,” Mr. Fargiano said. “I didn’t even know what was happening to me. There were times I thought I was losing my mind. This is exactly the type of thing you talk about with people. I was told to go talk to this one and that one, and soon I began to understand. I had this gift. That’s all there was to it.”

Other messages have come from readings for the many people who have sought out the most well-kept secret in East Quogue. Sometimes, the people live on the East End; many times, they do not. Mr. Fargiano said his clients live around the world and have sometimes scheduled trips around an in-person reading.

Mr. Fargiano was prompted to write the book after experience strong “pulls” from his spirit guides. Their voices make up a portion of the book. The spirits are known as “The Egyptian” and “One Feather,” with other spirits making contributions. He said each of their passages was “written” by the spirits as their messages flowed through Mr. Fargiano, as they would during a reading, and he simply wrote them down as he heard them.

Complementary sections to each of the spirit’s teaching reveal Mr. Fargiano’s own process of delving into a world he never imagined, his struggle to interpret and not interpret the messages, the way his life changed by taking in the messages and the life advice he believes is worth considering.

Ultimately, the messages the spirits wish to impart are simple: Trust your intuition, for this is the spirit’s helping hand. There is more power in love and compassion than there is in hate. Compassion and love for all things is what will truly change the world. We are in a time of change that is necessary. Everyone in this world is in this together, and we are all learning how to find our way, personally and spiritually. Energies from the spirit world are felt and utilized by nearly everyone. Everyone has two to four stationed spiritual guides with others on hand to assist when needed. When we learn to trust our path, we can find peace.

If anything, Mr. Fargiano hopes those who read the book he never set out to write will find inner peace and will feel nurtured by the loving messages contained within the book. So far, the feedback he has received and the posts on seem to say the messages are inspirational and readers feel connected to a spiritual overview.

“I hope people read the book and find peace,” Mr. Fargiano said. “This is what the spirits want to tell us. That’s a big part behind a lot of the messages.”

The Spoken Words of Spirit: Lessons from the Other Side ($15.95. Outskirts can be purchased through Autographed copies, an eBook version, events and information on Mr. Fargiano’s readings can be found at Mr. Fargiano will be speaking about the events that led him on his spiritual growth path on June 1 at A Sanctuary of Infinite Spirit, Masonic Temple, 34 River Road, Smithtown. A church service begins at 11 a.m., and the presentation begins at 1 p.m